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addfeed Manage Channels

Watch an RSS feed for changes. Updates are processed every 5 minutes. Example: !addfeed ""

addrole Manage Roles

Add a role to a member that is re-added if they leave and rejoin the server. Example: !addrole @member "Role Name"


Calculate a mathematical result using Math.js and their API. Example: !c 10 * 2500 For more complicated queries, try the "wa" command.


Get a random cat picture, video, or gif.

channel Manage Server

Set the channel for many bot functions (Twitch, YouTube, Moderation, etc) The second argument must be a channel mention or name (such as #bla) or "bla" Example: !channel content #streams


Clear the media queue. Requires you to be in the same channel as the bot when it's playing media.


Close the Overwatch Pug Lobby.


Get the number of people in your voice channel.

defaultvolume Manage Channels

Set the server's default media volume.


Get a random dog picture, video, or gif.

dynchannel Manage Server

dynchannels Manage Server



End the active Overwatch Pug, only works if you're one of the pug leaders.


End the active poll for the channel. Only available if you are the poll creator or an administrator with the manage channel permission.


Get a list of players that did not participate in the last round of Overwatch Pugs.

feature Manage Server

Enable or disable a feature.

feeds Manage Channels

List active RSS feeds for the server, and which channel they post content to.

fm command, documentation coming soon.


List the games being played in this server, along with number of players in each game.


Get GeoIP information for the specified IP address or website.



Join your current voice channel to play audio.

joinrole Manage Server

Sets the role that users get when they join.



Tells the bot to leave your voice channel.

Link an account to your Discord user. The command supports the following services: * overwatch - Overwatch * pubg - PUBG * runescape - RuneScape (RS3) * oldschoolrunescape - OldSchool RuneScape (2007 Scape) * steam - Steam Example: !link overwatch cats#11481 us pc !link pubg ccatss


Creates on Overwatch Pug lobby. Example: !lobby 2


Set your location so the bot can get your timezone and weather. Example: !location Washington DC

message Manage Server

Set a specific message, such as join, leave, twitch, and youtube. Example: !message twitch "{channel} is live!"



Query for your Overwatch stats. Tags require a discriminator on PC (a set of numbers to identify accounts with the same name), like "example#1234". Valid regions: us, eu, as Valid platforms: pc, psn, xbl See also !link for help with linking your account.


Query for your competitive Overwatch stats. Tags require a discriminator on PC (a set of numbers to identify accounts with the same name), like "example#1234". Valid regions: us, eu, as Valid platforms: pc, psn, xbl See also !link for help with linking your account.


Picks a player in an Overwatch Pug. Only one of the team leaders can use this command. Example: !pick @someone


Play a URL, or search and play the top result from YouTube. You can play SoundCloud and YouTube links. Example: !play Catgroove


Lists people playing the specified game. The game name has to be exact. Example: !playing Overwatch


prefix Manage Server

Customize the bot prefix for the server.


Get a preview from the specified stream on Twitch.


Get your PUBG stats from These stats may be far from accurate, but they're cool sometimes. The more you play after you query it the first time, the more accurate the stats will be. See also !link for help with linking your account.



Show all media in the queue.

removefeed Manage Channels

Remove a tracked RSS feed. Example: !remove ""

removejoin Manage Server

Remove the join role from the server.

removerole Manage Roles

Removes a persistent role from a member. Example: !removerole @user "Role Name"

roles Manage Roles

Show members with persistent roles.


Show server information like region, creation date, and member counts.


Skip the current item and play the next item in the media queue.


Show Astra's stats, like uptime, servers, etc.


Stop the current media item and clear the queue.


Show people with active streams, and the URL to the streams.


Create a temporary voice channel with the specified name and user limit.

testmessage Manage Server


Show the current time in your timezone.


Start a timed poll that ends after a specified amount of time.

track Manage Server

Track a YouTube or Twitch channel for updates.

tracked Manage Server

Show tracked YouTube and Twitch channels.


Lookup someone's twitch id from their username.


Query Urban Dictionary for the top definition. Example: !ud Astra

Unlinks an account from your discord user. This command takes the same account types as the link command.

untrack Manage Server

Untrack (remove) an account from the YouTube and Twitch content notification system.


Get useful user information like account creation date, join date, etc.


Set the volume of the playing item.


Volunteer as a captain for an Overwatch Pug.


Vote on an ongoing poll.


Query Wolfram Alpha for the primary/most relevant answer. This command uses the whole argument string, therefore quotes are not required. Example: !wa How many days until Labor Day?


Get the weather for your area. Be sure to set your location using the location command first.